Antifriction Coating felt pen refilling idea

A number of our customers choose to purchase the LIP Antifriction Coating products in pen applicators, most notably the 40ml felt pen. If an application is temporary, purchasing the pen applicators in bulk is not an issue. If the product application is longer term then purchasing the LIP Antifriction Coatings in bulk containers becomes attractive. Quite often the volume of applications/parts involved does not make the investment in complex automated dispensing equipment worth while but there is a pressure to get the price per application down.

One possible solution is to combine the value of purchasing the LIP products in 1kg/1 litre containers but still applying by Antifriction Coating (AC) felt pens.

In this example a hole has been created in the lid of the 1kg plastic container, it has been inverted and suspended higher than the work area (in this example velcro with a self adhesive backing has been used). Another hole has been drilled into the back of the 40ml felt pen and a plastic tube has been engineered to connect the 1kg container and the 40ml felt pen. Essentially this is a simple gravity fed system.

The 40ml felt pens have a felt tip that is worn down over a number of applications plus that work areas, the pens and process operator hands become dirty so it is important that the 40ml felt pen is replaced periodically to keep the various objects and work area clean.

Summary: Customers can routinely purchase 10 or 20 x 40ml felt pens and a few 1kg plastic containers to bring the cost per application down. This is not a solution that Newgate Simms/LIP Antifriction Coatings sell; the example show above was created by a customer.

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