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We offer precision engineered, high-quality speciality synthetic automotive lubricants for chassis, exterior, interior, powertrain, and electrical components. Our lubricants are engineered to meet the performance and functional life expectations of automotive OEMs and their tiered supplied chain partners/parts manufacturers. In addition to our synthetic automotive lubricants, we offer water based antifriction coatings to prevent interior trim noise issues (a.k.a. squeaks and rattles). There are a host of automotive related articles below, choose from theory, case studies, test related articles and production selection guides; or click on you relevant subcategory/area of interest: Chassis, Steering, Electrical, Powertrain, Interior and Squeaks & Rattles.

Chassis related lubricants engineered to improve the functionality, reliability, and longevity of automotive steering and suspension systems.

Steering component lubrication is a particular strength in our range and gets it’s own separate classification in addition to being included as a sub category of ‘chassis’. category. We have pedigree in a number of steering lubrication applications such electrical power steering (EPS) worm gear, steering wheel tilt and telescoping mechanisms, steering linkage and steering column bearings.

Electrical connector/contact lubricants formulated to protect and extend the operating life of electrical connector, sensor and switch components. Our electrical/electronic connect lubricants prevent failure/warranty recall and other problems associated with electrical fretting corrosion, connector corrosion, water ingress and other issues.

Powertrain component lubrication to help deliver more engine efficiency, better fuel economy, and a quieter drive.

Interior of vehicle component lubrication, reducing noise and conveying a quality feel to hand-operated interior components, while ensuring the lubricant is odourless and there are no material compatibility issues.

Squeaks & Rattles gets it’s own sub category as S&R issues are generally associated with interior trim noise issues. Such noise issues are generated by material combinations such leather on plastic, vinyl on plastic, metal on plastic, plastic on plastic (e.g. ABS-PC), leather on leather, rubber on glass etc