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Synthetic lubricants formulated to protect and extend the operating life of electrical connectors, sensors and switch components.

Connectors benefit from lubrication, which is often a surprise to engineers. Connector lubricants are used to prevent wear, environmental corrosion, and fretting corrosion, micro-motion caused by vibration and thermal changes within the connector housing. By reducing the formation of metal oxide at the mated interface, a quality connector grease will extend contact life and keep resistance low.

Insertion force reduction has also become a major OEM challenge. Mating multi-pin connectors, sometimes in hard to reach locations, often requires significant force – creating the potential for incomplete mating, as well as repetitive-motion injuries for assembly workers. Synthetic based lubricants have been proven to reduce high insertion forces – without unacceptable increases in resistance.

Electrical connectors – NyoGel 760G

Fuel pump connector – Rheotemp 768G

High temperature electrical connector – UniFlor 8917

Door, Window and Seat connectors – NyoGel 760G

Tail light, trailer tow connectors – NyoGel 760G

Sensor accuracy and operating life of automotive sensors are directly related to the quality of the lubricant used on both sensitive electrical and mechanical components. To meet a broad range of design needs, we offer light, low-shear sensor greases for very low power applications; sensor lubricants with exceptional film strength to accommodate heat generated by resistance; thermally conductive lubricants that boost the accuracy of temperature sensors; and unique under bonnet sensor lubricants that withstand years of vibration, thermal cycling, temperature extremes, as well as salt spray, sand, road grit, and under bonnet fluids.

When electromechanical sensors or potentiometers break contact, signal is lost. To ensure continuous contact, choose a low-viscosity fluorinated lubricant. A more viscous lubricant may cause the contact to hydroplane, instead of remaining in contact with the resistor.

EGR temperature sensor – Rheotemp 768G

Bearings in throttle position sensors – UniFlor 8981R

Throttle position sensor – UniFlor 8950

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