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Synthetic lubricants developed to deliver more engine efficiency, better fuel economy, and a quieter drive.

Starter motors must withstand the elements, temperatures from -40˚C to 200˚C, and 50,000 duty cycles or more. Issues of high load and torque, especially during cold crank, also have to be considered. Effectively lubricating the motors’ gears, bearings, and splines requires a careful blend of synthetic oils, additives and gellants. Popular starter motor lubricants feature PAO and ester blends with additives for extreme pressure, corrosion protection, and friction reduction.

Gears – Rheolube 380

Electrical leads – NyoGel 760G

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valves are exposed to extremely high temperatures and acidic exhaust fumes. PFPEs thickened with PTFE perform well in this demanding environment. They offer the broadest temperature capabilities of any synthetic lubricant and are unaffected by corrosive gases and liquids. PFPE/PTFE lubricants regularly ensure 100,000 mile EGR service.

EGR valves – Uniflor 8472

EGR temperature sensors – Rheotemp 768G

Superchargers. Synthetic lubricants have been a mainstay in lube-for-life superchargers. For gears and powdered metal parts, a light viscosity ester oil with a robust antioxidant package is recommended. For high-speed bearing applications, a light viscosity ester grease with EP additives has been proven extremely effective.

Supercharger gears – Nye Synthetic Oil 605

Supercharger needle bearings – Rheoplex 6000HT

Transmission. PRNDL assemblies require lubrication chiefly to dampen noise and create a perception of quality not often found in plastic parts. The synthetic lubricant should enable the mechanism to slide smoothly between notches while imparting a quality feel to the thumb-activated release mechanism. It should withstand the cold and offer vibration and noise reduction.

PRNDL gear shifting – Rheosil 500F

Shift linkage – Rheolube 363F

Bearings in dual clutch transmission – Rheolube 380

Radiator fan motor bearings must withstand high heat, dust, dirt, and debris. A complex sodium-soap, light viscosity ester is effective. It is also an option for bearings in alternators, water pumps, and air conditioner compressors.

Assembly aid – NyoGel 783H

Electronic Throttle Control. The stepper motor that powers an electronic throttle control must withstand high temperatures and corrosive fuel system vapours. Fluorinated lubricants, which are inherently inert, tolerate this kind of environment. In addition to staying fluid at very low temperatures, their superior thermo-oxidative stability prevents high-temperature varnishing, even at continuous temperatures of 250°C.

Throttle body bearings – Uniflor 8911

Bearings in throttle position sensors – Uniflor 8981R

Throttle position sensors and valves – Uniflor 8950

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