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Automotive steering component lubrication is a particular strength in our range and we have pedigree in a number of steering lubrication applications such electrical power steering worm gear, steering wheel tilt and telescoping mechanisms, steering linkage and steering column bearings.

Electric Power Steering (EPS). As automotive OEMs and the tier one steering manufacturers work to improve the efficiency of today’s modern vehicle, most are moving away from the old hydraulic steering assist to the more advanced electronic power steering systems. Reducing friction between mating gears and protecting the sensitive components from the elements is a primary concern. Light weight synthetic hydrocarbon greases with advanced additive packages greatly reduce low temperature torque and friction, while also providing wear protection and vibrational damping. Calcium sulfonate thickened greases can be used on bearings, gears, and as environmental seals due to their superior water washout/spray-off characteristics, corrosion protection, and wear mitigating capabilities.

EPS gear – Rheolube 363F

EPS housing – Rheotemp 662

Rack and Pinion mechanisms present many lubrication challenges. The interface of the toothed rack and the pinion gear requires synthetic lubricants with extreme pressure and anti-wear additives to reduce noise and transferred vibration, often referred to as “rack knock.” Where rack and pinion systems are placed relatively close to the exhaust systems, lubricants must also handle temperature of 150°C or higher.

Rack & pinion system – Fluorocarbon Gel 880MS

Steering Column Bearings located at the end of the steering column can make or break the driving experience. If not properly lubricated, they impact steering responsiveness and transfer noise and vibration through the steering column to the operator. Extreme temperatures, moisture, dust, and constant load shifts require a viscous, wide-temperature, rust-inhibited grease to ensure long service intervals.

Steering Column Bearing – Rheolube 361-UV

Steering Wheel Tilt and Telescoping Mechanisms call for damping greases, which are engineered to prevent wear and inhibit unwanted motion and noise. When thickened with PTFE, they provide reliable, smooth, low-friction motion for high-shear mechanisms. Power tilt and telescope systems have small motors with fairly high torque. A damping grease provides lifetime lubrication within the gearbox and reduces the transmission of motor vibration and noise through the steering column.

Telescoping steering column – Rheolube 362HB

Tilt steering column – Fluorocarbon Gel 868MS-X

Intermediate Shafts must absorb vibration and shock, without allowing road noise to reach the vehicle interior. For plastic-to-metal interfaces, a medium-viscosity, synthetic hydrocarbon grease enhanced by PTFE ensures good slip and low “stiction.” For metal-to-metal interfaces, a heavier synthetic hydrocarbon grease is recommended. To lubricate the tight spaces within newer telescoping shafts, use a lighter grease designed for sliding surfaces.

Intermediate shaft spline – Fluorocarbon Gel 866

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