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Synthetic lubrication for all types of automotive suspension component related devices and applications.

Shock Absorbers & Struts. Contemporary suspension systems can be customised as never before. Yet at low temperatures, traditional shock absorber fluid may become too viscous to pass though the valves that control the fluid level and adjusts the stiffness of the suspension. A very low viscosity synthetic fluid with temperature range to -60°C is recommended for servicing adjustable suspension systems.

Struts – Nye Synthetic Oil 185D & Nye Synthetic Oil 148G

Jounce bumper – Fluorocarbon Gel 880 & Rheolube® 393

Leaf Springs. Typically found on pickup trucks and SUVs, leaf springs provide rear suspension and shock absorption. Exposed to water, saltwater, and road grit, they can wear down, crack, or produce squeaks and squeals. A viscous synthetic grease fortified for extreme-pressure service reduces wear and corrosion; its high damping capability also minimises road noise.

Leaf springs  NyoGel 774VH-MS

Ball Joints. Tight-fitting, ball-and-socket designs are subject to dynamic motion in almost every direction. Lubricants within the ball joint must be able to withstand extreme environmental conditions, engine heat, jolts on rough surfaces, and continuous micro-motion on smooth roads. Contemporary ball joints are designed without grease fittings, so the initial fill must provide lifetime lubrication. Wide temperature, water and salt water resistant synthetic greases are recommended.

Ball joints – Fluorocarbon Gel 880

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