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Damping Grease

Damping grease can be a cost effective engineering tool to control the motion, noise and tactile feel of moving parts. Designers and manufacturers use damping greases as an economical way to build fine tolerances into their products.

The ‘velvet feel’ and virtually silent operation of the focusing mechanisms on microscopes, zoom lenses and other optical instruments is often due to the use of a damping grease. Also the fact that and optical lens doesn’t continue to ‘coast’ when the focus mechanism is stopped can also be the result of a damping grease applied to the focusing threads. Synthetic damping grease can also be used with many mechanical and electrical items/components; generally damping grease is more relevant (but not limited to) any customer operated components such as electronic controls like potentiometers where there is a need to ensure smooth, quiet, controlled motion and make very precise settings possible by hand.

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