Damping Grease Trial Pack Introduction

This is our damping grease trial pack. It’s a great kit for engineering professionals and hobbyists alike, to test or evaluate a damping grease in their design. We originally thought this trial pack would be aimed at engineers in a prototyping stage of a new product development, but it’s just a great kit for any technician or engineer that might need small amounts of damping grease.

The Tribosyn 320 Series has been specially formulated to provide effective attenuation of noise, free movement and vibration; these products are also used to alter the tactile feel of customer operated controls. The degree of acoustical and mechanical damping increases according to the colour of the grease.

The pack consists of the six coloured synthetic damping grease products. Each jar contains 15 grams of grease. The six different colours denote the stiffness of each damping grease. So, we have Clear, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue.

Formulation of these 320 Series? Base oil is Polyalphaolefin, thickened with silica and there is a proprietary co-polymer also in the formulation. This grease range is great for use with both metal and plastics. The product range is pretty much plastic friendly but there are always a few exceptions, so get in contact if you have any compatibility concerns.

The Clear (or translucent) grease is the softest grease, offering very a very light damping effect, moving up from left to right on our damping level chart….through to Red, which is consider Light, then Orange which is Medium, Yellow, which is medium to heavy damping, then Green which is heavy to very heavy damping and finally the Blue which most certainly is a Very Heavy damping grease.

Please bear in mind that the terms we use such as medium, light or heavy damping is really only in the context of this range as damping is a subjective term….for example, one person’s medium might be another persons light.

With damping grease, we tend to talk about stiffness of grease rather than viscosity although it’s the viscosity of the base oil that is used to make the grease, which is normally the way to increase the stiffness of the grease, so in general terms, a higher viscosity base oil is used to make the stiffer grease….but this is a general or rough rule as you can alter the base oil to thickener ratio to change a grease characteristic, so the viewer should not presume base oil kinematic viscosity is the only driver for stiffness of grease.

We keep the pricing of this trial pack low and until our stocks run out, we include these application aid sticks (see video) to help the user extra the grease and apply to the relevant component, they are better than using a screw driver and so as they are wooden, you shouldn’t be able to accidentally scratch any plastic or metal surfaces you are working with.

Please purchase your damping grease sample pack at our online shop. If you find the products of use and we are sure you will, we are always interested to get pictures, videos or email feedback on the products; we enjoy creating case studies or examples of use on our tech support site.

The damping grease trial pack for the Tribosyn 320 Series.

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