Electrical connector grease water resistance demonstration with Tribosyn 330

Water ingress protection is one of most common reasons for considering the use of a connector lubricant. The ‘go to’ grease in our range for moisture/water protection is Tribosyn 330. It should be noted that we have a range of connector lubricant products available for other connector problems such as fretting corrosion and insertions force reduction so please consider this when researching our range.

Other synthetic connector grease products we have will offer a degree of water resistance but the Tribosyn 330 excels by utilising a hydrophobic silica thickener system in the formula to give it excellent water and salt water resistance characteristics; the finished product is helped further by combining the hydrophobic silica with a high quality polyalphaolefin base oil and some ‘secret sauce’ additives which over time has given Tribosyn 330 has a superb pedigree, earned over 15 years in demanding applications, most notably in the automotive industry.

We thought the best way to show the water resistance properties of Tribosyn 330 was in the form of a current leakage measurement test. Water being a conductor, we set out to show that protecting an electrical connection using 330 would stop any leakage between phases. Of course, this test is not a real world scenario and we cannot recommend trying to completely waterproof any electrics with our connector lubricants, but the test is an effective demonstration in terms of a worst case scenario for a connector exposed to moisture. In addition to acting as a barrier to moisture, 330 is also very resilient to water washout…by that we mean that when sprayed directly with water, the grease will resist being displaced. Obviously some common sense applies, we are not saying that you could apply a pressure washer directly to a connector and the 330 will not be moved; we are saying that a typical spray by rain water or the spray from surface water generated by a moving vehicle can be resisted by Tribosyn 330. Many of our automotive customers experience water ingress due to water being washed upwards in engine areas due to vehicle movement, the water drips down into sensitive areas and manages to penetrate connectors this way.

You can buy small containers of Tribosyn 330 at our online shop.

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