Eliminating automotive interior trim noise problems-Antifriction Coatings introduction

Automotive trim interior noise (a.k.a. squeaks & rattles) can be a major quality concern for automotive manufacturers and their tier one and two suppliers. The perceived value of a vehicle can be negatively impacted by interior trim noise problems. Our range of water based Antifriction Coatings are the cost effective solution to avoid customer dissatisfaction.

Leather, Vinyl, ABS, ABC-PC, EPDM etc…we are familiar with the materials that generate the interior trim noise. The LIP Antifriction Coating range is ideal when faced with annoying trim noise problems. For more information on the LIP Antifriction Coating range, visit the dedicated website.

To compliment the LIP Antifriction Coatings, we also offer colourless, odourless, synthetic damping grease for the tasks that involve controlling moving parts and adjusting the tactile feel of customer operated controls.

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