Finding an alternative for Rocol® Kilopoise™ 0868 damping grease

If you are looking for an alternative to the now discontinued Rocol® Kilopoise™ 0868 damping grease products, we can assist. We don’t know all the details of the Kilopoise formula, our advice is based on a good number of enquiries from customers looking to find an alternative and the resulting successful outcomes.

The Kilopoise range comprised of a high viscosity fluid and two damping grease products.

There were three products in the Kilopoise™ range, the grease versions were in two forms/grades – 0868GW and 0868S; there was also a viscous fluid version of the product called simply 0868. Most of the customer requests for a Kilopoise alternative we’ve received have been for the 0868GW grease. We’ve not had any customer requests for the high viscosity fluid/oil, we can only offer alternatives to the two grease products.

The selection of a damping grease is normally a subjective matter.

The selection of a damping grease is normally a subjective matter. It is unusual for a customer to choose a grease using test data such as Apparent Viscosity. Most customers work out which grease offers the best tactile or which grease is sticky enough to control whatever moving part they are having a problem with.

Because we don’t know the full details of the Kilopoise™ formula and we didn’t originally set out to copy the Kilopoise™ products (that is not our business model), plus taking into the account the subjective nature of selecting a damping grease….all this means that we don’t have an exact product match, but one of the below three products should meet your requirements, all of which are synthetic grease (no mineral/petroleum based grease):

Tribosyn PG44A

  • Extreme damping grease that some customers choose as an alternative to the Kilopoise™ 0868GW but it seems that PG44A is actually a bit more viscous than 0868GW and so offers an increased damping effect.
  • Ultra high viscosity, extremely stiff synthetic damping grease.
  • Polybutene base oil.
  • Silica thickened.
  • Recommended temperature service range of 25°C to 125°C.
  • NLGI grade 5
  • Available to buy online (opens in new tab).
Rocol Kilopoise alternative Tribosyn PG44A Technical Data Sheet
Tribosyn PG44A Technical Data Sheet (opens in new tab)

Tribosyn 320 Blue

  • Chosen by customers who had previously used the Kilopoise™ 0868GW and 0868S but were happy to select a grease that was not as stiff/not as tacky as the Kilopoise™ products – probably a small step down in damping level.
  • Damping grease for very heavy damping applications.
  • A Polyalphaolefin (PAO) base oil which gives the grease a wider temperature range than the Tribosyn PG44A.
  • Silica thickened.
  • Proprietary co-polymer included in the formulation.
  • Recommended temperature service range of -40°C to 130°C.
  • Available to buy online (links open in new tab):
Tribosyn 320 Series Technical Data Sheet (opens in new tab) – One TDS for all variants of the 320 range

If you are interested in a grease that has a lower level of damping than the products featured on this page then take a look at the damping grease overview article; the other variants of the Tribosyn 320 Series of damping grease should be considered as the damping levels are not so high but do offer a wider service temperature range and can cope with sub zero (°C) temperatures.

Take a look at the video case study below. A customer used Tribosyn PG-44A as a replacement for a Kilopoise grease.