Introduction to Alkylated Naphthalene

Alkylated Naphthalenes (AN) are a reaction of olefins with a naphthalene nucleus resulting in a base oil with excellent thermal and oxidative stability. In addition AN has first-rate hydrolytic stability and is miscible with other synthetic hydrocarbons, most notably Polyalphaolefins (PAO). Alkylated Naphthalenes summary:

  • Temperature range of -30 to 180°C
  • Excellent thermal and oxidative stability
  • Good plastic/elastomer compatibility, can have issues at higher temperatures
  • AN blended with PAO shows a synergistic effect

Keep in mind that if a Alkylated Naphthalene is used as the base oil for a grease, the thickener and additives also used in the formula will have an influence on the final characteristics and performance of the finished grease/lubricant.

Take a look at our typical thickener systems characteristics used to make a base oil into a grease.

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