Introduction to Polyphenylether (PPE)

Polyphenylethers (PPE) are long chain aromatic ethers that consist of benzene rings (phenyl groups) joined by oxygen atoms. PPEs are ideal for radiation resistant applications, used for example in nuclear power plants and MRI scanners. Polyphenylether summary:

  • Temperature range of 10 to 250°C
  • Radiation, chemical and acid resistant
  • Outstanding high temperature capability
  • High surface tension but excellent lubricity
  • Can have compatibility problems with some plastics/elastomers
  • High cost
  • Viscosity Index 60 to 360

Keep in mind that if a Polyphenylether is used as the base oil for a grease, the thickener and additives also used in the formula will have an influence on the final characteristics and performance of the finished grease/lubricant.

Take a look at our typical thickener systems characteristics used to make a base oil into a grease.

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