Overview of the switch grease range

Selecting the proper synthetic switch grease for a specific switch application can be a challenge. Very subtle differences in synthetic grease formulations can make a big difference and these formulation decisions are sometimes counter-intuitive. Also when selecting a switch grease, note that the viscosity of the base oil should complement the contact force of the switch. Low current/low contact for applications lean towards lighter base oils being required to be used in the grease formulation.

We do offer some more popular/common products that will suffice for a large percentage of switches – see table below.

All the switch grease products mentioned above and below can be purchased at our online shop, where the TDS can also be found/downloaded.

More niche/specialist electrical switch grease…

Grease for arcing switch contacts. Because the temperatures reached in an electric arc are sufficiently high to degrade any organic molecule, a lubricant’s tendency to ‘burn cleanly’ is a definite advantage. A grease that burns and leaves carbon deposits on contact surfaces can lead to increased resistance, heat and switch failure. A synthetic grease designed for arcing contacts should be formulated with fluids and thickeners that degrade with fewer by-products than traditional greases…a grease that ‘clean burns’. A polyglycol based grease is ideal for the lubrication of arcing contacts. Product recommendation – Nyogel 782D.

Non burning switch grease technology. Greases that oxidise under arcing conditions pose a special problem for low load/low current applications. Traditionally, cleaner burning glycols (mentioned above – products such as Nyogel 782D) are used to minimise carbon build-up. A new approach to eliminating problems associated with oxidation is to use Uniflor non-burning perfluoropolyether-based lubricant. Dispersed in a non-flammable, ozone-safe, fluorinated solvent, these dispersions products leave a thin film of lubricant, ideal for low load/low current applications. Product recommendation – Nyetact 570H-25-UV.

If you prefer to just have some advice, feel free to get in contact for help. Let us know more about your switch and we can advise you which is the most suitable lubricant. We have a global network of contacts so wherever you are, get in touch with us for assistance.

A note about damping grease. A damping grease can be ideal for switch application. A damping grease can improve the perceived value of a relatively cost effective design by helping to suppress noise, controlling any free movement and improve the design by giving the device a more velvet feel. All greases applied to a switch will give a certain level of damping but a dedicated damping grease applied to the working mechanism of a switch will improve the perceived value of the device. Take a look at our damping grease articles.

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