A prospective customer got in contact seeking an alternative to the now discontinued Rocol® Kilopoise™ damping grease. The application was the opening mechanism of a photo scanner feed table; the customer being a company that specialises in the service and refurbishment of photo scanners. The feed table opening mechanism relies on a type of spring release, the two materials are metallic.

The use of an effective grease is a small but very important part of the photo scanner refurbishment process for the customer. Thank you to Stu Cully Photo Services for the video clips and images – www.stuculleyphotoservices.com

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The weight of the photo scanner feed table/cover is such that an extremely stiff grease is required otherwise there will not be a controlled fall.

Proposed Solution

  • A super sticky synthetic grease that exhibits extreme levels of damping to slow the drop movement of the photo scanner.
  • A grease based on a polybutene base oil and a silica thickener have the necessary damping characteristics.
  • Ideally then chosen damping grease should exhibit low levels of oil separation.

Product Selection


Small jars of PG-44A can be purchased at our online shop.

Applying The Grease

PG-44A is generally sold in jars as it’s so stiff that squeezing from a tube is not practical. The grease is applied from the jar and should cover the whole of the shaft, before the mechanism is reassembled.


The PG-44A was a great success and gave the desired level of damping to the feed table. The feed table release/drop motion became a controlled action and helped improve the perceived value of the refurbished device.

PG-44A was a perfect replacement for the Rocol® Kilopoise™ damping grease

Small jars of PG-44A can be purchased at our online shop.

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