RC Controller Gimbal Damping

A satisfied customer sent us some footage of how a damping grease improved the performance and characteristics of their radio controller, specifically the small joy sticks or rather the two axis gimbal. Damping grease has a number of uses but often is utilised as a grease is a cost effective alternative to a mechanical damping design or device, rather than over engineer a component, sometimes is just easier to use a synthetic damping grease. Also, as you will see in the video, a damping grease can improve the perceived quality of a device; if customer operated controls have a smoother action, quality ‘velvet feel’ or tactile feel, this is associated with higher quality or a premium feel.

You will see from the video that the bouncing induced by the spring type action of the gimbal is dampened and the RC controller. The damping grease used was from the Tribosyn 320 Series. There are six different levels of damping viscosity or stiffness in the Tribosyn 320 range. The 320 range are all synthetic damping greases, they do not evaporate away or migrate, they will match or extend the functional life of the components that they are applied to. The 320 damping grease products are very durable and are relied upon by device manufacturers all over the world. The 320 range are colour coded:

The Tribosyn 320 Series – A colour coded damping grease range.

Damping is a subjective matter and it’s very hard to know what damping grease will provide you the motion control and tactile feel that you are seeking, so there is no substitute to ‘trial and error’ in terms of damping grease selection. We offer a trial pack of the Tribosyn 320 Series of damping grease, which contains approximately 15 grams of each grease from the range, so that’s six small jars as shown below

The Tribosyn 320 Damping Grease Trial Pack

You can purchase a Tribosyn 320 Series damping grease trial pack at our online shop (opens in new tab) and we ship to over 60 different Countries.

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