Rifle Scopes Online case study-Damping Grease

Rifle Scopes Online offers a wide variety of high-quality rifle scopes, rifle sights and ACOG scopes. The proprietor of the business is very experienced and considered improving the scope mechanisms of some products, helping with motion control and tactile feel of the focus and reticle threaded designs.


Any grease used to dampen the motion and improve the user operation of the reticle/focus design must give a quality feel, help resist water penetration, withstand sub-zero temperatures and hot climates, all with minimum change in damping characteristics. Also, the damping grease should have no compatibility issues with any plastic/rubber materials (e.g. O rings) coming into contact with the grease.

Proposed Solution

  • A damping grease with a Polyalphaolefin (PAO) base oil, resulting in very good thermal stability.
  • A high viscosity damping grease giving the mechanism a high-quality tactile feel.
  • Damping grease based on a PAO oil is generally consideredplastic friendly’.
  • Silica thickener is chosen to give the damping grease a translucent colour, so the grease is hard to see if over applied.
  • Good level of water resistance needed
  • The grease should be durable and have a long functional life to protect the connector for many years.

Product Selection

Nyogel 774VH (Very Heavy)

Applying The Grease

Nyogel 774VH is applied to the thread of the focus mechanism/reticle thread. Dimensions vary across different scope designs, the amount of grease required determined by the size of scope thread and personal preference.


The Nyogel 774VH damping grease met the customer requirements and was successful in stiffening the operation of the reticule focusing component. Device performance was greatly improved as was the tactile feel of the focus mechanism/twist action

THE NYOGEL 774VH greatly improves scope/reticule performance

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