Semi-Automated Dispensing of Lubricants

For grease dose accuracy, consistent repeatability and process control, a semi-automated application method should be considered.  The system setup we are proposing in this article involves the purchase of a small benchtop/desktop pneumatic dispensing device and the chosen grease being purchased pre-filled in specialist syringes that work with these desktop pneumatic controllers.

When activated, these dispensing systems apply air pressure to the syringe, for a predetermined period of time, delivering a pre-determined amount of grease at the end of the tip/application. The activation/triggering of the dispensing system is typically performed by a foot switch/pedal and of course the amount of lubricant dispensed can be altered. This is the dispense method known as “time/pressure” and is popular because it is economical, ensures process repeatability, is easy to setup and train the operators.

The model shown in the image above is manufactured by Nordson EFD and are called Nordson EFD Performus™ Series dispensers. These dispensing units are compatible for use with the grease that Newgate Simms/Nye Lubricants sell pre-filled in Nordson EFD syringes. There are different versions of the Performus™ dispenser and but even the basic model has the features required for profession dispensing. The Performus™ dispensing devices even have a setting that help avoid operator error in that the dispensing is activated via the foot pedal but only the predetermined amount of grease is dispensed no matter how long the foot pedal is depressed; a new dose of grease will not commence until the foot pedal is released and triggered again. Of course we recommend contacting Nordson to discuss which Performus™ dispenser is best for you.

To help apply the grease exactly to the intended area, Nordson EFD manufacture a big variety of dispensing tips:

Below is a real world example of a operator workstation where a Nordson dispenser and syringe are used to dispense a Nye Lubricants grease:

Find out more or contact Nordson EFD.

Take a look at the short video below that gives and insight into real world insight into the application of a grease using a semi-automated dispensing unit.:

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