Switching from using a Nye damping grease to a TSE damping grease

We can help you switch over using a Nye Lubricants damping grease to a TSE damping grease now that we are no longer able to offer the Nye damping grease range. TriboScience & Engineering (TSE) are our new synthetic lubricant manufacturing partner. TSE have an excellent range of damping grease, which will match and probably exceed performance of our previous range. How/Why? The formulations of the TSE offer superior performance due to the inclusion of a proprietary copolymer in their Tribosyn 320 damping grease series, but this also makes direct comparisons with both Nyogel 774 and Fluorocarbon Gel 868 ranges from Nye, a little more tricky that just stating that they are direct equivalents or alternatives.

Below is a table showing which TSE damping grease you should consider when considering switching from the Nye Lubricants brand/s of damping grease, to a TSE alternative:

Damping grease switching table

Nye damping grease Suggested TSE damping grease Product match remarks - remember that damping is mostly a subjective matter but the below information is based on customer feedback
Nyogel 774VL / Fluorocarbon Gel 868VL Tribosyn 320 Clear Very close product match.
Nyogel 774L / Fluorocarbon Gel 868L Tribosyn 320 Red Close product match. 320 Red was is also a very close match to Nyogel 774L
Nyogel 774 / Fluorocarbon Gel 868 Tribosyn 320 Orange Close-ish match. 320 Orange is also a close match to the older Nyogel 795A.
Nyogel 774H / Fluorocarbon Gel 868H Tribosyn 320 Yellow Close. 320 Yellow is also a close match to the old formulation/product called Nyogel 773A.
Nyogel 774VH / Fluorocarbon Gel 868VH Tribosyn 320 Green The 320 Green is the nearest match but is more viscous/stiff so users that don't mind a slightly stiffer grease should choose 320 Green but 320 Yellow should be considered if 774VH was considered a little too stiff.
Nyogel 767A Tribosyn 320 Green The 320 Green is probably the nearest match but we are increasingly finding that former 767A users prefer the 320 Blue, which stiffer/more viscous.
PG-44LS Tribosyn 320 Blue No real close match, the 320 Blue being less stiff/less viscous. If PG-44LS was used in sub zero applications, go with the 320 Blue but if the grease is used in room temp applications/devices, probably best to use Tribosyn PG-44A
PG-44A Tribosyn PG44A Specifically developed as an equivalent so a very close match. Tribosyn PG44A was developed more recently than the Tribosyn 320 series of products and so does not feature on the colour coded charts.

You can buy small jars of the Tribosyn 320 Series at our online shop (opens in new tab); we would recommend you consider purchasing the low cost trial pack of Tribosyn 320 Series damping grease (opens in new tab).

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