Vehicle parcel shelf noise issue eliminated

This case study video shows a noise problem associated with the parcel shelf on a premium sports car. The video shows the effectiveness of the F27 product from the Antifriction Coating range. The noise which is coming from the parcel shelf in the tailgate/boot area is due to a hard plastic and nylon cord rubbing together. The problem is eliminated using the F27 damping grease, a product that is applied wet and then dries pretty quickly to form a thin coating on the plastic surface.


The F-27 should eliminate the stick slip but as the application area is class A, there can be no unsightly product residue visible and the product should not remain wet/tacky as this customers could touch the application area during parcel shelf removal.


F-27 dry film lubricant

Take a look at the video to see applications guidance and the results. Small containers of AC F-27 and all other products from the range are available at our online shop.

Want to know more about the F-27 and the LIP Antifriction Coating products?…click through to the dedicated website.

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