A premium UK automotive manufacturer had an aftermarket problem with the free movement of a sun visor. Due to tight tolerances in the sun visor design, there was a high level of friction between the sun visor bracket and the metal retaining cylinder and spring.

The excessive force required to move the sun visor was not just a perceived quality issue but also a practical problem as the relatively high forces required to move the sun visor was putting strain on the plastic components. Additionally there was a creaking noise being produced during sun visor movement.


Any grease used should be odourless and also should not have compatibility issues with the plastic materials used in the sun visor design. Also the chosen grease should have minimal or zero oil separation characteristics to avoid lubricant migration.

Product Selection

  • A synthetic odourless grease was required as the application was in close proximity to the passenger/driver.  
  • A low viscosity damping grease was sufficient as the aim was to reduce friction in the sun visor movement – there was no component wear issues.
  • A grease based on a PAO base oil is generally considered  ‘plastic friendly’.
  • Very low or zero oil separation is a key characteristic for any grease used as the sun visor is elevated and therefore the grease cannot leak oil or drip down.
  • The grease should not evaporate or waste away and last the functional life of the vehicle/component.
  • A syringe packaging option was required to successfully apply the grease.

Product Selection

Nyogel 774L (Light)

Applying The Grease

The sun visor had to be placed in a vice to be disassembled so it was recommended that the visor be wrapped in protective tape or other covering to avoid damage while being worked on.

A mallet was required to knock the sun visor free of the sun visor bracket

The Nyogel 774L grease is supplied to the customer pre-filled in a 30cc syringe, the long nozzle being ideal to apply the grease inside the cylindrical metallic sun visor bracket/retaining spring.

If necessary, a cotton bud can be used to distribute the grease more evenly inside the cylindrical bracket holder.


The Nyogel 774L successfully improved the sun visor movement. Much less force was required by the passenger/driver to move the sun visor and the creaking noise was also eliminated. A service bulletin was issued to aftermarket dealerships.

The application of Nyogel 774 reduced friction, eliminated the noise and improved the perceived value of the sun visor.

Note: In this application the Nyogel 774L was used to reduce friction but it is normally used as a damping grease.

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